As the days get colder, you might start feeling those unwanted winter blues. Your home should be the place where you love to spend time, kick back, and relax… but is it to blame for that gloomy feeling? Here are five reasons why your house could be bringing down your mood, and how to fix it with some winter home decor.

Fixing the Winter Mood

  1. No Change: Don’t remember the last time you switched something up in your space? You may feel stuck in a rut and unmotivated. Embrace the idea of change to make a room feel fresh and new. There’s limitless ways to upgrade your surroundings and revive the space.
  2. Plain: Maybe your style is sleek and simple, but you don’t need bare walls to achieve that look. A wall with only paint on it is simply boring. Take advantage of the blank slate, and embellish the area with some texture and design.
  3. Worn-out Walls: If you have children or pets, your rooms have certainly been scuffed, scraped, and scratched. A damaged wall is anything but pretty. Fix up the walls with wainscoting to restore the beauty to your home. The benefits of wainscoting go beyond looking good, like the bonus of making your walls more durable. 
  4. Outdated: Is your decor giving you a blast from the past? Either update those old and tired items to a current trend that you love, or go for a classic and timeless look that you’ll be proud to show off. 
  5. No Personality: You might have temporarily threw a room together and never finished it, or possibly followed a trend that you now regret. Consequently, you won’t feel welcome in your space if your personality is absent from it. Make some changes, let your personality show through, and don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Winter Home Decor

Don’t let your house bring you down! Let us help you find the perfect upgrade to finally make your home a space you love to be in. Start by looking at our galleries, or reading how we’ve helped some of our customers get the finishing touch in their space.