wainscoting foyer

After the last few years of lonely, social isolation, the pandemic is easing, and you’re ready to entertain again. However, you really want to make a lasting impression on your guests, and you know exactly what to do. Wainscoting your foyer will truly make entering your home memorable.

Luckily, you’re familiar with raised panel wainscoting since adding it to your living room a few years ago. When you remodeled your living room, you weren’t sure how it would turn out. But now, there’s only one company you’d trust, and that’s Wainscot Solutions. They did a fabulous job, and you’re positive they’ll do a great job with the foyer.   Let’s discuss how raised panel wainscoting will make an entrance for your humble abode.

Foyer Wainscoting Will Bring Beauty While Adding Value To Your Home

First impressions are a big deal in everyday life. They are critical when interviewing for a new job. But your home’s first impression can give everyone who enters visual depth and a welcoming feeling. As a matter of fact, your home’s first impression resides in your foyer just past the front door. It’s a room that connects the entranceway to the rest of the house. Adding raised panel wainscoting to your foyer will dress it up to be luxurious and stately or quaint and charming. The choice all depends on the kind of first impression you’re trying to make.

Raised panel wainscoting can protect your walls from dents, scrapes, and holes caused by heavy foot traffic. In the foyer, it can also provide protection against drip-drying coats and wet shoes. Wainscoting is made from various materials. These include crown molding plastics, solid wood, polyurethane wall panels, pine, and the more inexpensive Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). On the other hand, we build our raised panel wainscoting using TruepanMDF. The material is environmentally friendly and resists moisture. TrupanMDF is genuinely lightweight, available in thicknesses of 50mm or less. It has a uniform density profile and is light in color. It is also an ideal substrate for lower pressure laminating.  A foyer with raised panel wainscoting adds character and style to the entrance of your home.

The five different types of wainscoting include:

Board & Batten Wainscoting

Board and batten wainscoting is flat panel wainscoting with vertical boards, called battens, covering the seams. Its simple look became popular in homes of the 20th century.  However, lately, it’s seen an increase in use by fitting perfectly into a contemporary home.

Raised Panel Wainscoting

Raised panel wainscoting became popular in 17th century England. Its historic style often lines the walls of colonial-style homes. The raised panels fit perfectly in front of rails and stiles. Its finished looks give the appearance of panels that are elevated from the wall. 

Flat Panel Wainscoting

Flat-panel wainscoting consists of panels situated behind the rails and stiles. Using boards without molding or beveled edges makes this wainscoting appear more profound than the rails or stiles. 

Overlay Wainscoting

Overlay wainscoting is a blend of flat and raised panel wainscoting styles. Initially, a flat panel is installed, followed by additional panels centered panels on top. The additional panels can have molding lined along their edges for added style.

Beadboard Wainscoting

Beadboard wainscoting has continuous long vertical grooves with raised beads that are spread inches apart. It consists of a series of thin boards placed next to one another. A tongue and groove system locks each individual board.

Beadboard panels are also available in more extended panels enabling quicker installation.  

Wainscoting has seen a bit of a return in popularity in recent years. Other than stylish designs, it acts as a little added insulation and can be used to cover damaged walls. Our customizable wainscoting is made with your specifications to ensure the perfect fit for your foyer. We’ll help you pick the right panel profiles, stile widths, and rail heights to complement your home’s style.

Adding Flair To Your Foyer With Raised Panel Wainscoting

Wainscoting kits and on-site assembly cannot provide the strength we produce by assembling your wainscot raised panels right here in our shop. Once built, we deliver your panels fully assembled for easy and fast installation. You’ll surely make an entrance with raised panel wainscoting in your foyer. For more info on starting up service with our team at Wainscot Solutions, contact us today!