flat panel wainscoting

Wainscot Solutions, your easy-to-install, flat panel wainscoting professionals, appreciate the classic, old traditional designs that transformed homes centuries ago. You’ve probably seen examples of flat panel wainscoting in your neighbor’s home but never knew the design had its own name. Wainscoting can add old-style character and present-day elegance to any room or hallway. Believe it or not, interior design gurus predict that this classic design feature is set to be a major interior design trend in 2022. So, let’s look ahead to the past.

Taking A Glance At History

During the 18th century, that’s the 1700s for those who were wondering, elements of enlightenment hit the world stage. It was a time of intellectual, social, and political unrest. The exact time the new wainscot paneling style materialized. Wainscoting, as it’s called, was characterized by only covering a wall’s lower section. Danish wainscot oak produced large, attractive, easy to work with, knot-free boards more favorable than oak grown in England.

Back then, if you were building a home, there would be wainscoting in every room, and a highly-skilled craftsman would have to build it for you. They would mill the separate components and assemble them with a panel that is actually flat, calling it flat panel wainscoting. Well, that’s precisely the way we do it. Preserving the traditional classic style of design and craftsmanship is a top priority.

Each piece is milled and assembled, creating an authentic product just like they did in the past.

We have various room design options available for your home. Our residential room designs include:

  • Authentic Paneled Wainscoting – Our hand-crafted, custom wainscoting is the most authentic available in the industry.
  • Recessed Panel Wainscoting – Also referred to as flat panel wainscoting or shaker style wainscoting, ours is the most authentic and versatile in today’s market. We blow away the competition by using a full ¾” thick stile and rail.
  • Verdi Style Wainscoting – This style of wainscoting is for those looking for an increased level of detail. We give this wainscoting a lot more depth by milling a larger profile and using 1” thick material for our stiles and rails. This style of wainscoting and be built with flat panel wainscoting, recessed panel wainscoting, or beadboard panel wainscoting.
  • Coffered Ceilings – These ceilings are strong, beautiful, and are a versatile design element found in high-end interiors. However, their distinctive look and installation challenges have made them a rarity. On the other hand, we combine the best features of a custom design with the efficiency and precision of a modern-day production facility resulting in a superior fit and finish, solving these age-old problems.
  • Mantels and Fireplace Surrounds – As the staple of their house, many clients wish to make their fireplace surround and mantle timeless and classic. Our mantels and surrounds are built with love and respect for those moments when you loke to sit back, watch the fire and reminisce.
  • Paneled Columns and Ceilings – Paneled columns are the perfect alternative to round, Roman-style columns. Our raised or recessed columns will look great in an archway or create two spaces separating one room. 

Where Can Flat Panel Wainscoting Be Installed In Your Home?

  • In your foyer or stairwell
  • In your dining room
  • In your living room
  • In your powder room or bathroom
  • In your study, home office, or library

Nowadays, flat panel wainscoting lends well to darker, smaller rooms where full walled paneling may be too oppressive. Leaving the top section of a wall to be painted or wall-papered offers an opportunity for color and pattern alongside a traditional panel. Looking ahead, interior designers think that classic raised panel wainscoting will come back as a way to up-style cookie-cutter homes, making them feel regal and upscale.

In fact, depending on your color choices and design, it can add a unique style to an otherwise standard home. However, they predict that the classic white wainscoting isn’t the type that’s coming back. Instead, an existing trend of using deeper, moodier shades will prevail. Wainscoting in a deep, saturated color is more popular because it incorporates the moody color trend.

Wainscot Solutions: Purveyor Of Flat Panel Wainscoting And So Much More!

For Wainscot Solutions, thoroughly custom wainscoting truly separates us from the rest. Each panel, stile, and rail are made to your specifications to ensure a perfect fit. Our traditionally milled flat panel wainscoting is impossible with today’s DIY kits or on-site assembly. We deliver fully assembled wainscoting that is easy and quick to install. To see how our products can accentuate the beauty of your home, contact us today for a consultation!