Wainscot Solutions, Inc. makes every effort to safeguard your order for transit. In the unlikely event your merchandise arrives damaged, the consignee is responsible for following the below procedures. FAILURE TO DO SO FORFEITS THE CONSIGNEE’S CLAIM FOR REIMBURSEMENT AND WARRANTY CLAIM.


  • In order for Wainscot Solutions, Inc. to file a claim on your behalf, the consignee must inspect the packages and contents before the delivery service leaves. It is imperative that the consignee note any overages, shortages or damages to the boxes and contents before signing the delivery receipt. A signature without comments confirms that the order has been received in perfect condition; the shipment will be considered delivered without exception and the order completed.
  • If damage occurs, the consignee must note all damage, overage and shortage exceptions with the driver AND note on the delivery receipt.
  • The Consignee must notify both Wainscot Solutions, Inc. and the carrier of any overages, shortages or damages the day of delivery. Wainscot Solutions, Inc. will issue a claims form that must be completely filled out and fax back to (203) 702-5269 within (2) two business days.
  • CURBSIDE SERVICE: The consignee is responsible for making arrangements to unload the shipment ahead of time. Common carriers do not load or unload freight; however, they do move the freight to the end of the trailer for the customer to unload. The driver is NOT required to provide assistance in unloading the shipment. If special services are required, the consignee must contact the freight company ahead of time to make arrangements. Special services are billed directly to the consignee.


  • CONCEALED DAMAGE: Note that while at times a pallet may appear undamaged, the product may have incurred damage in transit. The consignee must inspect the contents (not only the packaging) before signing the delivery receipt. Report concealed damage to both the carrier and  Wainscot Solutions, Inc the day of delivery.
  • INSPECTION OF DAMAGED PRODUCTS: Freight companies request that the consignee holds all damaged products for 90 days, for inspection purposes. Day one begins when claim is filed with shipper. Wainscot Solutions, Inc. will do everything possible to ensure that damaged goods are picked up immediately. However, the consignee is responsible for holding the damaged goods for up to 90 Days. Failure to do so will terminate the claim with no reimbursement or replacement product.
  • REPLACEMENT SHIPMENTS: Wainscot Solutions, Inc. will expedite your replacement whenever possible. Orders ship via the same service type and priority as the original purchase. The consignee may change the type of service (i.e. ground to overnight service) and pay the additional charges.
  • ORIGINAL PACKAGING: The consignee must keep all original packaging, including cartons and contents, until the claim resolution process is completed. Hold times may vary between shipping companies. You may contact the shipping company or  Wainscot Solutions, Inc. if unsure of the status.
  • INSPECTION: The shipping company will contact the consignee to schedule an appointment for inspection and/or retrieval of the package. If the shipping company does not contact the consignee within the 14 business days, please contact Wainscot Solutions, Inc. for resolution.
  • STANDARD LEAD TIMES: Standard lead times are based off of “average” production and delivery times. These times may be affected by larger quantities and custom requests. Wainscot Solutions, Inc. may not be held liable for back charges due to failure to deliver on time.
  • SPECIAL SERVICES: The purchaser is ultimately responsible for all freight charges and special services.
  • WAREHOUSING: The consignee is responsible for taking possession of the order within 3 business days of notification by the delivery service. Failure to assume possession may result in the incurrence of storage fees.

*Consignee- one to whom something is consigned or shipped; the person to whom the shipment is to be delivered.