When utilizing interior design and decorating, people often overlook the use of texture. There is a great deal of value in including this quality. If you feel that something might be missing in a room, exploring texture could be the solution.

Any space will benefit from adding texture to your decor. In a drab space, it adds visual interest. For example, a monochromatic color scheme has no variety provided by color, but texture gives the depth and variety the space needs. Likewise, if you prefer solids over patterns, it will boost all the muted tones.

This depth and interest that develops is due to contrast. Contrast will help to create balance. In a room where everything looks very similar and lacks real focus, everything will just blend together into an obscure mess. Texture is one of the key ways to create visual weight in a room, thus attracting the eye and drawing in attention.

There are many elements that will add texture into the space. Select a few ideas that will fit in your space to complete its look:

  • Textiles: Rugs, throw pillows, throw blankets, curtains, drapes
  • Architectural elements: Add moldings, wainscoting, and paneled or coffered ceilings.
  • Furniture: Add in furniture in various materials, such as a natural or antique wood, or a fabric like velvet
  • Decor: Antique frames, mirrors, plants, light fixtures, etc.

If any room you’re decorating feels unfinished, consider if you’re taking advantage of everything texture has to offer. Take a look at our galleries to see how it has been added to complete different spaces. Let us help you decide on the perfect way you can add it into your space.

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