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We’ve told you already which fundamental concepts of design you should never forget, but what about all the other rules? They can help, but if you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, it’s time to go rogue from the “rules.” And besides, who said you have to follow them in the first place? Decide which rules you’re ready to break to enhance your decor:

  • “Keep dark colors out of small spaces” Don’t be afraid to paint a smaller room a dark color or to use dark, bold patterns or accents. A small space can be great to introduce drama or bold design in a home. One way to keep the small space from feeling small is to use paint with a  satin or semigloss finish. This can make even the darkest colors reflect light to open up the space. Similarly, a common recommendation is to keep your ceiling white. That’s not necessary! Using color on the ceiling can draw the eye up and makes a space look bigger. If you have any architectural detailing, molding, or coffers, color can draw attention to the beautiful architectural details.
  • “Don’t mix patterns” Break the taboo against using contrasting patterns. A  variety of patterns easily  adds a ton of personality in a beautiful way. Keep it coordinated by staying within a color scheme/family, or by using the same pattern in different sizes.
  • “Every room needs color” Accent colors can break up a monochromatic room, but if you don’t like color, there are alternatives. A room of neutral tones (black, grey, white, beige, brown, etc.) can look clean and calm. Additionally, use other elements like various tones or textures to keep it interesting.
  • “Only use small furniture in a small room”- Granted, if a piece is too large for a room, it’s not helping anyone. But, one clever way to successfully use full sized items is with built-ins and custom furniture. Since they are made to fit, they will measure perfectly with the dimensions of the space. 

Breaking design rules gives you a unique and personalized space. Be sure to coordinate your choices to have a unified space.

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