Designing a space, whether new or a redesign, can offer up some challenges. You can bend some “rules” to get the space you love, but you can easily to run into a disaster. Always keep the basics in mind to you’ll never be left wondering where it went wrong. Here are some common design mistakes to stay away from:

  • Not taking your time: One huge mistake often made while decorating or redesigning is doing everything at once. Whatever your reason may be, don’t rush it. Take your time to see how the room progresses so you can build upon the look and feel of the room. Apply the familiar saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” to your decorating. A similar mistake is buying accents before your major pieces of furniture. It’s hard to ignore a décor item that you totally love, but it is extremely challenging to design an entire room around one small piece. You never know what basics you’ll end up with, so once you have your main pieces, go after the accents. 
  • All new everything: A space composed only of brand new items can seem cold or like a copy of a store’s showroom. Mix in an antique or a favorite piece you already own to bring a warm feeling to the space.
  • Forgetting function: Your space needs basic and proper flow, as well as the ability to work with the way you live. Aim for a set up that that suits your daily activities. Keep in mind how you do things and where you do them, and let that guide your arrangement.
  • Not creating a sense of depth: Pay attention to your patterns, colors, and textures. A mix of large and small patterns creates interest. Plain walls can make a place seem unfinished. Having a room lacking texture is visually uninteresting and boring.
  • Putting your personality aside: Don’t forgo your own personality to follow a trend or decorating rules. If there is a trend you really love, try and find ways to combine it with your personal touch. Personal accents can be the perfect way to finish off a room.
  • Not asking for advice: Some of us love to do things on our own, but sometimes a second opinion can really help. If you’re unsure of any element or how to proceed, ask the opinion of a professional or someone you trust. They might see a simple, small change that can have a huge impact.

It’s okay to bend some of the decorating rules, but don’t overlook these steadfast basics. Avoid making damaging design mistakes that could hurt the quality and beauty of your space.

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