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Fake a Larger Room! You deserve better than having a tiny room feel like it’s suffocating you. If you’re struggling with a small room, you don’t need to knock down any walls to make it look bigger. Take advantage of certain design tricks to open up the space and fake a larger room:

  1. Draw the Eye Up: Having a stand out ceiling will bring the eye upwards, which is a trick to give the illusion of higher ceilings. This can be done with colors and textures. Coffered ceilings and paneled ceilings will stand out more than just a plain, painted ceiling. Watch out for white ceilings in a room with darker walls, it will make the ceiling feel much lower.
  1. Get Multiple Uses Out of Your Furniture: Multifunctional furniture eliminates the need for additional pieces, keeping your room more open. For example, built-in cabinetry can be crafted into an entertainment center or hutch that can hold your television, sound system, any additional systems that are hooked up, with extra storage space.
  1. Strategic Coloring: Use color to create depth or help things blend. If you have white walls and white cabinetry, it helps the eye blur the lines instead of having the furniture stick out and bring focus to how much space this large item is taking up. Lighter colors reflect more light and will make a space feel bigger.
  1. Following the Lines: Diagonals are the longest lines the eye can follow in a room. To make this happen, place  your furniture at an angle instead of parallel to the walls. Pulling your furniture away from the wall creates more space as well.
  1. Fake Taller Walls: Use vertical methods to make walls look taller, such as a floor to ceiling bookcases or shelving. If you don’t want that much storage or space taken away, wainscoting is a great alternative. Use it to draw the eye up with tall panels or floor to ceiling wainscot.
  1. Control Clutter: Having a lot of frames, knick knacks, vases, etc. looks messy and like there’s not enough space for what you have. If you can’t bear to part with any of your pieces, rotate them out and store the unused pieces away for when you’re ready to change things up.
  1. Unify the Room: Using different shades of a color around the room gives it a sense of unity that will also draw the eye all around the room. Use color in textiles, decorative items, or furniture pieces, as well as on walls, floors, and ceilings.

Mix and match these ideas until you find the combination that will open up your space the best. We can help you achieve the ideal space and make your room feel more comfortable.

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