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It’s easy to become consumed in Pinterest while trying to find ideas to make your house stop looking so boring. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with some beautifully wainscoted walls. You want your home to look like all the ones you’ve been pining after, and research getting your own wainscoting. Did you see all of the sites with Do-It-Yourself instructions? It could look like a good option to build your own wainscoting, but it isn’t. When it comes to a project like this, you shouldn’t cut corners. Before you dive into DIY wainscoting and end up with a nightmare, here’s a few things to consider:

  1. You aren’t a professional: Maybe you’ve been around the DIY block a few times, but how much do you know about millwork, proper measurements, and design? True professionals have dedicated their time to craftsmanship and creating what you can only daydream about making. They have mastered the tools, techniques, and materials required that you just don’t have at your disposal.
  2. It won’t look the same as those tutorials: You can’t tell if the person posting the project truly did it themselves, what level of experience they have, and what kind of help they received. One wrong move and the whole project will fall apart. The key here is research. Chances are you will discover the tutorials aren’t real. Maybe the pictures are of professional work. Or maybe the tutorials are way more complicated than you expected.
  3. It’s more expensive than you think: Consider the cost of your DIY project. The cost is more than the money spent on materials. It’s also the length of time it is going to take, the amount of stress it will cause you, and the opportunity cost. What are you missing out on doing in the time it takes you to figure out this project? When you realize the reality of it, you will see that the cost of a large DIY project is more expensive than getting it professionally done. 
  4. Faux DIY wainscoting isn’t easier: It’s not authentic and has none of the benefits of true wainscot. So what’s the point? Slapping some pieces of molding on a wall gives you no durability. You still have to measure, cut, and paint everything. You’ll have to settle for whatever some hardware store has in stock, which probably isn’t going to match what you had envisioned. Proper wainscoting can handle what your regular wall can’t, and it just doesn’t come close in quality or appearance.

Don’t settle for a DIY disaster, and get the look you truly want. Beside all the benefits of this meticulously crafted addition, you get the peace of mind knowing that it is going to be flawless and it will last. No waste of time, money, or sanity, just a room done right. Click here to view our galleries and get started.

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