entryway ideasYour goal is to provide a memorable experience to all your visitors, so make sure they remember it for the right reasons. First impressions of any home or business are instantly when guests see the entry or lobby. Attention to detail will ensure your entrance is at its most presentable and will promptly gain a positive reaction from all visitors. Developing a presentable space can be overwhelming. Sometimes a few things are overlooked in the process, and walls are no exception. Wainscoting will give you peace of mind and have confidence that guests are pleased with what they see. Here are some major elements that custom entryway ideas with wainscoting can effectively improve:

  • Condition of the Walls: Scratched, gouged, stained, and faded walls just don’t look good. A neglected wall is not only unappealing, but will also turn people away.
  • Durability: Most walls can’t stand up to high traffic areas, making the condition deteriorate much faster than it would in a low-key location. Foyers and lobbies are at risk for walk through damages because they face a lot of coming and going, (bags scuffing and scraping walls, dirt being tracked all over, things being dropped and spilled, etc.). Material on walls should be easy to clean and act as a shield. Keep in mind that poor conditions are noticed in high traffic areas since they are widely visible.
  • Appealing Accents: You’ve most likely never met any person who loves staring at a blank wall. Utilize the blank slate to add design and texture to the walls. Decorated walls can help guests feel more comfortable, especially in comparison to a blank and bland room.

With this in mind, your walls need some work – possibly custom millwork. Luckily, wainscoting will accomplish it all. Fully customizable to your needs, it’s a decorative guard that will upgrade your walls with style and protection. Wainscoting will help to make your lobby or entry attractive and will stir up an awe-inspired discussion of how stunning your space is.

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