Get a jumpstart on 2017 and have your decor ready for the trends of the new year. Warm, cozy, earthy, rich, and rustic are perfect terms to describe the aesthetic of this year’s trends. From materials to entire rooms, there are many ways to adopt these trends. Some are new to the game, some are adaptations of timeless styles. See which of these fit into your design style.


  • Organic Materials: Natural and organic materials started becoming popular with the marble trend. Use of natural stone continues, while the use of wood begins to grow. Keep woods unpainted for a warm and earthy feeling.
  • Terracotta: Terracotta tiles give off a rustic and unique appeal, and will show up in application for many floors. A matte finish on the tiles adds character, warmth, and works in both traditional and contemporary styles.


  • Jewel Tones: Grey is prevalent in most homes due to recent popularity, so whether you took part in this trend or just happen to enjoy the color, balance it out with some jewel tones. These luxurious and rich colors will warm up an overwhelmingly grey or neutral space. Try out tones of emerald, ruby, or a deep amethyst purple.


  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms are getting an upgrade with one of our favorite design features. Wainscoting is being added increasingly more often in bathrooms, whether traditional or a more unique style. Don’t forget the details in a bathroom or powder room, and help break up a typically boring space.
  • Kitchens: The kitchen has a lot of trend potential this year, which is expected since it is such an important room in any home.
    • Contrasting Island: White still dominates the kitchen, but a simple twist on this timeless color choice will add depth and interest to this timeless color choice. A painted island can create contrast and balance. Popular colors used to break up a predominately white space are neutrals like black or grey. If you’re willing to stray from the neutral color palette, a more commanding and bold color adds additional interest.
    • White and Wood: Another upcoming trendy way to break up the white is with wood accents. A white space needs interest and warmth to balance it out. A natural element like wood brings the feelings of warmth and welcoming to the kitchen, which is especially beneficial for spaces with an open floor plan.
    • Kitchen Entertainment Hubs: Utilize unused, small, or awkward spaces for storage and function. Rising in popularity are coffee counters and small bars, additional prep space, or a simple yet organized electronics charging station. Custom cabinetry can make these options a reality in any space.
  • unnamedunnamed-1Tech-free zones: With the organic/natural elements leading the trends of this year, the escapist element is also present. In a time where technology is surrounding us, people are looking for a tech-free space to unwind and take a break. This doesn’t necessarily mean creating a whole new room or ditching your technology. There are creative ways to hide it away for a quick conversion. For example, these barn doors are a decorative way to hide a television set. There’s quick and easy access to the TV, and it’s just as easy to hide when you’re taking a tech break. 

Is your new year’s resolution to fix up your space? Bring your decor up to par with the new year’s trends and finally achieve the space of your dreams.