living room wainscoting ideas

Living rooms are a great space for entertaining and relaxing. It’s also the room that most of our readers said they want to remodel the most. When upgrading your living room, focus on the details of the space. Follow these living room wainscoting ideas for creating elements that will stand out and give your living room a personality.

  • Instead of simple, bland details, homeowners are now regaining appreciation for architectural aspects. This includes moldings, trim, and our favorite: wainscoting. Embrace the quality details that people are using to set their homes apart from the rest.
  • You know those walls that you can’t figure out what to do with? Follow the trends that will take it from spacious to stunning. Improve large empty walls with unique detailing. This satisfies and corrects an incomplete room and makes a great accent wall.
  • Artisan elements will distinguish your home and living room. Instead of decorating with mass-produced items with no history or story behind them, opt for a handcrafted item. Think of a light fixture, piece of furniture, or any of our customizable products.
  • Unexpected focal points are becoming more popular, so draw attention to unexpected areas of a room. Stray from the typical and boring television focal point. Find an uncommon focal point in your living room. This could be a prized piece of furniture or a beautiful wall display. Some simple furniture rearrangement and removal of clutter will help bring attention to where you want it.

Give yourself a living room that is both stylish and one-of-a-kind with our living room wainscoting ideas. Bring your personality into your space with unique details so you can finally create a living room that you’ll love.

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