full wall raised panel curved wainscoting

If you’re a homeowner, you know that many HOA’s want you to keep the outside of your home in tip-top shape. Having dying grass, a dirty roof or even a dirty mailbox (yes, even this) can be grounds for the HOA to issue a notice depending on your community. Regardless of that fact, many homeowners put great efforts to make their home appear as lovely as possible from the outside, but all too often we forget about the interior.

Sure, colors, furniture choice, and other objects are important for design but small details such as wainscoting can make a tremendous impact on how your home feels. Let’s take a look at which rooms stand to benefit most from the aesthetic uses of wainscoting.

Raised Panel Wainscoting in Stairwell/Foyer

Many people don’t typically think of their stairwell or corridor as a room, but it has a name for a reason. The foyer is the entrance hall of a building or home and as such it’s used to welcome people into the building. Several buildings will just call this space the lobby, but you can imagine that might be a bit strange to call the entrance to your home a lobby!

The foyer is a great place to have custom wainscoting done for you. It’s the first-place people see when they enter your home and as such it will make or break their first impression. Many homes have a stairwell that goes straight up and the side of the stairs forms a wall as you pass through the corridor. This wall is a perfect place to have authentic raised panel wainscoting.

Raised Panel Wainscoting in Dining Room

The dining room is a room where a lot of scuffs and damage to the walls near your dining table can happen. Children running around and chairs being pulled out can sometimes hit the wall.

Apart from the protective element, the dining room is often host to a china cabinet that houses ornate items or a sparkling light fixture. Wainscoting can be used to complement this by adding a touch of sophistication to the room

Fireplace Wainscoting

What is Fireplace Wainscoting If you caught our last blog post about the different varieties of wainscoting, we discussed how the fireplace/mantel is a great place for you to complement with wainscoting. The living/family room is typically the host of the fireplace and for good reason. Since the dawn of time, human beings have sought comfort and solidarity around a fire. And while depending on where you live, and the time of the year, it may not be cold enough to warrant that, the idea of the fireplace has still remained a family oriented one. It is here where we frame our photos, hang our stockings, or place important items. Fireplace Wainscoting can add extra charm and class to your living roo.

Raised Panel Wainscoting in Bedroom

Bedrooms are a highly personal and private space. They’re your respite from the world and its worries. As such, many people think of their bedroom as the first place they want to decorate. Good news! Wainscoting looks phenomenal along the walls of a bedroom, and it can pair well with many different types of bedframes and sets.

Options for Wainscoting in Your Home

Our Authentic Paneled Wainscoting is one of our most popular choices. There are some things you just can’t fake, one of those things is wainscoting. It’s the difference between anything pre-prepared and something that is custom made. Custom always wins.

We also offer Verdi Style Wainscoting as well as Recessed Panel Wainscoting. Verdi style wainscoting sports a larger profile than in classic styles which results in a much more pronounced look. It certainly is striking! Recessed panel is the like the opposite of raised, the panel sinks inward as opposed to being “proud” or raised.

Real Wainscoting for Your Home

At Wainscot Solutions, we pride ourselves on making true to craft wainscoting. Everything is measured out for you needs and constructed using genuine carpentry to create an impressive result. Our advantage is that we offer a completely custom and traditionally milled product that is sure to last. More important than that, it’s no longer the territory of the elite. We bring authentic paneled wainscoting at a very affordable and reasonable price.

If you realized something from this post we hope it’s that just about any room in your home can benefit from the aesthetic benefits of wainscoting!

Contact us today to get started on a custom solution for your needs.