fireplace mantel wainscoting

You would be missing out if all you pictured when you thought of wainscoting and wainscoting panels was raised paneling on the lower third of staircases or dining rooms. While those are certainly the main avenues with which people like to outfit their homes with wainscoting, there are many more applications such as recessed style wainscoting that look phenomenal when done by a qualified team of carpenters and experts.

Wainscoting For Your Fireplace and Mantel

A fireplace is a centerpiece in many family rooms the world over. The fireplace is where many people can come together and bask in warmth—perceived or real. While you won’t have a fire burning most months out of the year, or at all if you use a heating system, the importance of the fireplace and the family room has continued on today. It is a room where we place pictures of our cherished family members, group photos, vacations, you name it.

Naturally, the fireplace and surrounding mantel are a perfect place to apply custom panel designs to!

Wainscoting Paneled Columns and Ceilings

A column is one of those things in your home that can seem ugly and out of place, or it can be beautified to become part of the experience of a room. Many standard columns are very plain and have had little done to them to make them an attractive component of the room design.

Our paneled columns change all of that!

Even better, when you combine paneled columns with ceilings, you can have a highly unique look that is sure to wow any guest that comes over. What separates good design from bad is entirely up to theming. In other words, having a cohesive look to your décor. Matching the columns to the ceiling with paneling is one of those ways that show superior design choice. We offer many choices of paneled ceilings and columns for homes of all types so that you can rest assured it will always be tastefully done to match the style of the home.

Our coffered ceiling system is something that warrants a post of its own, but suffice it to say it does away with old, outdated methods of fabrication in favor of something much more convenient and versatile.

Recessed Style Wainscoting

Recessed style wainscoting is kind of like the shy sibling to its big brother . All jokes aside, recessed style wainscoting is exactly as it sounds, instead of a panel that has a protrusion built into it, this panel type is recessed to provide a much more subdued look.

This type of paneling is highly desirable in rooms that may have other attention-demanding pieces, such as the family room or bathrooms which are typically very focused on paint, countertops, and other decorations such as paintings.

Genuine Wainscoting For Your Home

Wainscot Solutions provides the most authentic wainscoting paneling for your home renovation needs. We pride ourselves on not cutting corners on our methods, we focus instead of cutting perfect corners to fit your exact measurements needed for a snug fit in your home.

We weren’t satisfied with the look and quality of DIY kits and common methods of providing wainscoting, so we set out to provide a comprehensive service that includes hand-made panels that were affordable to all. You shouldn’t have to be the owner of a beautiful vintage home to have the privilege of having beautiful millwork adorning your home interior.

Contact Wainscot Solutions today with any and all questions you may have about the process, our methods, or pricing. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have so we can get to work on elevating your home décor!