Authentic wainscoting quality over faux wainscoting quality concept photo

Wainscoting can be put in just about any room where decoration is an important aspect of the room. However, not all wainscoting is created equally. If you read our last blog, you’d know that while wainscoting is very trendy at the moment, it has always been subject to a certain level of popularity—dating back to at least the 18th century. However, a side effect of this modern popularity is that there are many businesses that will outfit your house with wainscoting panels, but the catch is that it’s truly not the real deal! Its all about custom millwork.

Wainscoting is Custom Millwork

We live in a culture of convenience, and part of that means many businesses have had to adapt to this idea of fast turn around times and easy installation. There is nothing wrong with having an easy and efficient installation process, but it used to be the domain of experts. You see, back in the 18th or 19th century, the wealthy were the only ones who could afford homes suitable for wainscoting.

When you needed a service back then, there was pretty much no other alternative to handcrafted and custom made wainscoting. A true craftsman with expertise was called in to provide his services and he would render them in the form of custom millwork that was created to specification.

Nowadays, that is not the case. There are many generic DIY wainscoting kits that can be purchased or companies that will assemble your panels on-site. While that may be a suitable option for some, when you see real, hand-crafted wainscoting produced specifically for your home, you’ll know the difference immediately.

What is Custom Millwork?

When dealing with carpentry, there are two broad categories that are distinctly different. Casework refers to making things such as boxes, cabinets, storage units, etc. The need for these is so great that having its own term makes sense. An important thing to note is that casework products are typically uniform and meant to be sold en masse. Think of the needs of a large furniture company.

Millwork, on the other hand, is custom made. It can be similar items that fall under casework, but the difference lies chiefly in the fact that they are custom made. Our wainscoting counts as millwork because we can custom make all of the paneling you require in your home. This is why we consider our wainscoting to be among the most authentic in the industry because we preserve the classic method of milling all of the pieces individually and creating them exactly to specification.

Custom Millwork Wainscoting

Wainscot Solutions can service all of your custom wainscoting needs. We offer many different types of wainscoting and millwork services, such as authentic raised panel wainscoting, recessed panel, coffered ceilings and columns, and more! Our carpenters are especially well versed in assembling authentic raised panel wainscoting. After you choose all of your panel profiles, rail heights, and stile widths, they’ll be perfectly milled to match!

Contact us today for any questions or concerns you may have, or if you’d like to start the ordering process!