raised panel wainscoting

What Is Wainscoting?

Wainscoting is an interior design styling technique that has its roots in the 18th century (even further back in some parts of the world) but has remained in usage up until now. Originally, wainscoting was used to help keep homes insulated in the 18th and 19th centuries as well as provide beautiful accents to many homes that are now considered vintage or antique.

It was not simply for the purposes of decoration though, wainscoting also featured raised panel wainscoting that jutted out from the wall. These raised panels had and still have a utility in protecting the lower half of your wall from common forms of damage such as a chair bumping up against the wall or scuffing from riding spurs in the past or just regular ol’ shoes nowadays. It’s a strange thought in our modern times, but it also most likely was a good way to protect from damage caused by sword scabbards that were clumsily worn.

Raised Panel Wainscoting Decoration

Wainscoting is a very popular method of introducing some finesse into an otherwise plain room. Many homes are absolutely gorgeous on the outside, featuring very pleasing lines and ornamentations that break up the monotony of the simple constituents that make up a home. However, taking a look inside, a blank canvas is a very intimidating thing to see. While we can paint walls, hang up pictures and paintings, and do our best with furniture. Sometimes those smooth white walls can feel lacking in texture.

Have a look at our residential images to see just how much authentic paneled wainscoting contributes to rooms and hallways inside of homes. The term less is more comes to mind when you see the refined simplicity that wainscoting offers.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you though. While there are many DIY kits and businesses that offer fast installation, many times these are not the real deal. The problem with many of these solutions is that they are all-purpose, and all-purpose is just another word for “not custom made”.

When it comes to the design and decoration of your home, you’ll want something that is custom made. This ensures that for your money you get something that not only is tailor-fit to look good in your home with respects to its unique spacing, but it’s also soundly built by an experienced carpenter.

Professional Raised Panel Wainscoting in Connecticut

Based out of New Milford, Connecticut, we offer millwork that is unrivaled. We know that due to the huge popularity and awareness brought back to wainscoting through the various home renovation shows and networks around today, there is a large influx of DIY kits and businesses offering an easy installation.

However, we at Wainscot Solutions know genuine, authentic wainscoting is a labor of love and requires the skilled hands of a professional carpenter. It used to be that only the extremely wealthy could afford the lavish aesthetic qualities of professional millwork—something Wainscot Solutions founder Michael Yedowitz noticed. He wanted beautiful wainscoting and millwork available to your average person because everyone deserves a little beauty in their home without having to pay an arm and leg for it.

Contact us online or give us a call at (203)-509-8120 to talk to one of our representatives about installing custom raised panel wainscoting in your home. Together we can work out a style and pricing that suits your budget so that you walk away feeling satisfied with the results!