Many of us face the obstacle of trying to hide an unsightly eyesore in a highly visible area. Maybe you have a poorly located utility box or an old, glaringly large radiator. It could even be as small as a mess of cables you just can’t seem to hide. No matter the undesirable element you’ve been struggling with, there is a solution to blend it in with your decor. You can adopt certain design tricks that will help you disguise the problem to keep it out of sight and out of mind.

First, determine what you’re dealing with in both size, shape, and location. This will help you to see your options for handling the problem and how to proceed in camouflaging it.

For smaller problems:

  • Solve a flat or small problem area like a wall blemish, inconsistency, or even a thermostat by covering with a piece of artwork such as a canvas, hiding it behind opaque curtains or drapery panels. Wainscoting panels can also cover up any imperfections on the wall. Though you should keep in mind if there is any actual damage, it should be repaired.
  • Power cords and cables are difficult to keep out of view. Fortunately, you can move these around. Hide charging cables away with an in-drawer charging station. Thread cords from the wall through an access hole cut in the back of a drawer to create a hidden place for your devices and their chargers. This gets the clutter off of a table or countertop. An alternative is to place hooks under a desk or table to keep cords off the floor and better concealed.
  • Depending on both size and whether it’s inset or jutting from the wall, a fuse or circuit box can be considered a small or large problem. Cover it up with a canvas, mirror, or a small custom cabinet.

For large, permanent eyesores:

  • Those large but impossible to hide items, like air conditioners and heaters, stick out and are off putting. Building a cover for the space can hide eyesores away. Beyond a simple cover, a built in sideboard table could be created from the cover, and give an even more discreet appearance. A cover is a way to not only camouflage and hide eyesores, but to incorporate it into the current decor style. A custom solution will blend your problem area into your home in the most discreet and ideal way. You could also do this by building a shelving unit around the eyesore.

No matter the eyesore obstacle you are facing, there is always an answer to make it smoothly blend into your home. Use these tips for finding the right resolution, and let us help you with the custom fix for your ideal space.

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