Fireplace Wainscot SolutionsWarm summer nights are going to be replaced by cooler weather soon. This means it’s time to switch from the glow of an outdoor bonfire to a relaxing evening inside by the fireplace. This feature is once again growing in popularity as the focal point for your living room. With the center of attention moving to this component, it’s time to make sure yours is in top shape.

To make your fireplace stand out, frame it with a beautiful surround. Update your mantel so you can display your favorite photos or decorative items. Utilize full customization to perfectly match your style or decor. There’s no better way to create an eye catching detail in the room.

Once you’re pleased with your fireplace, adjust the rest of the room to ensure it is the only, true focal point of the space. Having more than one will poorly break up the space, preventing unity and flow of the space.

One thing to keep in mind is that living rooms are becoming a popular place to take a technology break. Don’t let the first thing you notice in a room be the dark, boring television screen. Take a break from the digital world by letting the fireplace be the dominant attribute. It will become the central area of the room that fosters a calm, relaxing space to unwind.

Rearrange and adjust your furniture placement to help bring attention to the fireplace. Don’t keep furniture pushed flat against the wall. For example, take your seating pieces and angle them towards the fireplace to improve the flow and to draw the eye to the desired spot.

To help bring the room together, incorporate the element of repetition in the room. Do this by having a certain color, texture, or pattern placed throughout the room.

A fireplace is a natural focal point in a room, but it could be competing for top attention in your space. Let us help you make sure your fireplace is looking its best. Get some inspiration here so you can find the right design and have your fireplace ready for the upcoming crisp fall evenings.

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