wainscoting bedroom

Simplicity is in style, with neutrals and natural materials leading in design trends. You should be at your most relaxed in your bedroom. What’s currently trending will put you in the perfect tranquil mindset. Here are a few wainscoting bedroom ideas to create a space that will make the stress of your day melt away.

  • Neutrals are classic, with shades of grey, beige, and taupe being popular picks lately. This color palette is easy on the eyes, and fosters a sense of sophisticated tranquility. These colors are great at having a mellow effect. Despite this, you should also keep in mind that colors like grey have a tendency to appear dull if not accented properly.
  • Wainscoting Bedroom textures: This can be done quickly with different fabrics, pillows, or decor. The best way to add classic and simple texture is by wainscoting your walls. It brings depth and interest to a flat wall, with styles to pair with every room design. Fully customize to get the ideal size and style to flawlessly enhance the room.
  • Wainscoting Bedroom with White Trim and Accents: Although white trim seems like such a basic element of a room, it adds unexpected interest in a neutral color palette. It doesn’t stray away from your scheme so you don’t have to worry about any out-of-place colors. Instead, you get the perfect touch of contrast the room needs. Add white accents to the room with moldings, the ceiling, and with wainscoting.
  • Multifunctional furniture gives you multiple options, so it’s great for a clean-cut room and a simplistic appearance. The addition of an ottoman gives you a sitting space and a storage space. Built in cabinets eliminate the need for extra furniture because they can customized to be used as a desk or a vanity, as well as provide the storage of a dresser. This can also be a great addition to help with storage of shoes.
  • Natural and organic room elements are growing in popularity, meaning raw materials with natural finishes are in style. This trend is about giving your bedroom an uncomplicated ambiance, while allowing the natural look to promote relaxation. Wood notably portrays a sense of warmth, is a durable material, and is easy to incorporate into a bedroom environment.

Use these methods to transform a bedroom from just a place to sleep into a mental retreat that will truly refresh you after a long day. Let Wainscot Solutions help you design the perfect additions you need to give you a personalized and peaceful space.

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