Built In Cabinetry by Wainscot Solutions

The importance of built in cabinetry and interior design in our homes has been highlighted by the multiple lockdowns that we’ve all been through. Whether you had to suddenly make your space conducive to remote work, or find ways to keep the kids entertained, many have realized their space doesn’t have the aesthetic or practical qualities they desire. As we simply don’t know when the next pandemic will be, it is wise to utilize this time now to make desired changes to your space.

A traditional feature which has found itself in homes across America is wainscoting. More specifically raised panel wainscoting, which was born out of practical reasons but became an aesthetic feature. Enhancing the interior design of a home with wainscoting can require some inventiveness.

Here’s how new cabinetry can enhance the interior of your home.

Built in Cabinetry vs. Freestanding

Freestanding cabinetry is generally the most common type of cabinets in homes across America. This is because it can come in a range of different styles and prices, and for those who rent it can be important to be able to take your furniture with you. Although for those who own their own home, freestanding furniture can take up precious space which could be better utilized.

Aesthetic and Practical Value

Put simply, aesthetics are how things look, and practicality is how they can be used. When it comes to built in cabinetry, we need to consider both values separately as they offer different benefits.

Aesthetic Value of Built in Cabinetry

Unlike most freestanding cabinetries, our cabinets can perfectly match the architectural style and interior design of your home. Whether you want a minimalist style with simple shelves which subtly highlight ornament, or you’d prefer something traditional to suit your raised panel wainscoting, our cabinets can easily be made to suit.

Be sure to either compliment or contrast your interior design style with our cabinet solutions. Check out this search on Pinterest to gain some inspiration and find something which could suit your space.

Practical Value of Built-in Cabinetry

Like the variability in the aesthetic value, the practical value of built-in cabinetry is completely dependent on your desired use for it. Different rooms can benefit from various kinds of built-in cabinets, so figure out which rooms you think would benefit from extra cabinets.

  • Living room / Lounge – large shelves which can display books or ornaments are suitable here
  • Kids bedroom – a built-in wardrobe as well as shelving may be suitable here
  • Kitchen – extra pantry space or even extra fridge space can help in kitchens
  • Office – large shelves as well as filing cabinets can be helpful in office spaces
  • Hallways – small built in cabinets can enhance the walls of a hallway, especially alongside raised panel wainscoting

By increasing storage space and making things like clothes and food more accessible, built-in cabinetry can make your daily movements more efficient as well as enhancing the beauty of your space.

The Safety Factor

An important factor to consider when looking at modifying the cabinetry in a home with kids is ensuring that it’s safe for them. With freestanding cabinetry, the risk of it falling over and potentially harming you or your children is a real concern. Instead of buying furniture made of heavy (and therefore expensive) wood which can’t be knocked over, built-in cabinetry is a much safer option. This is because it is fixed and therefore cannot be tipped over, and it can also be designed to not be as climbable as some freestanding cabinets are.

Other Features Which Enhance Built-in Cabinetry

We’ve already talked about how built-in cabinetry can be enhanced by wainscoting, but you may be wondering what other features can do the same. When it comes to redesigning your living room with built-in cabinetry, look at the other pre-existing features and what can be done to them. Fireplaces look fantastic with a built-in cabinet on either side, although if your fireplace is old or broken it won’t enhance your cabinetry. By replacing the fireplace mantle you can reinvigorate the space entirely without needing to purchase all new furniture.

Consider investing in improving the fixed elements in any room you wish to install built-in cabinetry in.

Professional Built In Cabinetry Installation

Unless you have specific experience in installing built-in cabinetry, you will benefit from investing in a professional installation. While it seems like installing built-in cabinetry can be easy, it’s important to be careful of the structural integrity of the house. By hiring a professional from our team at Wainscot Solutions, you can ensure that its installed to the highest possible standard in terms of safety and durability. To learn more about what we offer, you can contact our team for more information!

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