When you find yourself needing more storage space, it can be a lengthy process to decide what to purchase. There are endless options to add storage, but built-ins offer more benefits than just extra space. Here are 4 great reasons to use built-ins:

  • Appearance: There’s a risk with buying freestanding shelving or a large cabinet. It oftentimes will look bulky, draw in unwanted attention, and throw off the balance of a room. Built-ins blend in with an interior better than a store-bought piece, creating a seamless look. This gives you the freedom to choose your focal point, such as a favorite piece of art or gallery wall.
  • Built-In storage in Window Seat and Desk with WainscotingNot just shelving: Built-ins make the best storage, are great for areas that might not have any use, but also can provide multiple functions. Tailor them to your specific needs. Window seats and benches can create both storage and an attractive seating area. Combine desks, shelving, and cabinetry for a multipurpose area or office space. Create a divider in large open room using shelves and storage to essentially a privacy wall to separate the space.
  • Works well in tough spaces: In a small or awkward space, it’s hard to find a way to utilize the area. Built-ins can be customized to fit perfectly in any space, providing effective storage and making a previously ignored space useful.
  • Work with the focal point, not against: There’s always an ongoing debate about what should be the focal point of a room, especially in areas that have both a television and fireplace competing for the attention. A custom built-in wall unit can house a TV, fireplace, and additional storage to allow for a seamless look and one perfect focal area.

Built-ins bring function and character to any interior. Get more than just storage, complement your decor with the ideal built-in. Consider what your needs are and start planning your built-ins.  Get inspiration from our gallery here. 

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