Built In Cabinetry by Wainscot Solutions

Built in Cabinetry for Your Home

The importance of built in cabinetry and interior design in our homes has been highlighted by the multiple lockdowns that we’ve all been through. Whether you had to suddenly make your space conducive to remote work, or find ways to keep the kids entertained, many have realized their space doesn’t...

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kitchen with wainscoting - wainscoting styles

Is Wainscoting Still In Style?

The short answer is wainscoting styles are still in style! As our global culture evolves, certain elements of our past and even recent history are dropped and forgotten about as irrelevant to modern times. Some things, however, are simply unforgettable. Nowhere is this more apparent than in architecture, where we...

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Raised Panel Wainscoting concept image

Wainscoting the Walls of Your Home

Wainscoting has come a long way since its invention in 16th century England. Initially used to cover damp areas in walls, as well as bolster insulation, modern raised panel wainscoting is almost always purely aesthetic. Since its inception it’s developed a variety far beyond the raised panel wainscoting that initially...

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