What is Wainscoting?

If you haven’t been reading this site, wainscoting today roughly refers to wooden paneling that are lined up on walls.

Wainscoting as a decorative element continues to be popular throughout time. The style of décor has never technically left us, although there have been periods of time where wainscoting was not commonly seen in homes. However, as a type of custom millwork that has been in existence and use since the 1800s at least, it is clear that the physical and aesthetic benefits of wainscot have withstood the test of time.

Wainscoting was originally conceived as a way to help insulate walls from dampness but is now largely decorative in its purposes. That is not to say that the intention prior was not also the pursuit of aesthetics. Old estates and manors prominently featured wainscoting as part of the array of custom millwork that was common at the time. Naturally, this was typically reserved only for the wealthy.

We at Wainscot Solutions have been passionate about bringing premium, truly custom wainscot to the public because we feel it is something that can be fit into nearly any home.

Wainscot Provides Practical Benefits

Although we have stressed that wainscoting now is primarily a decorative choice, that is not to say that it doesn’t offer some practical benefits still as well. Wainscot can be great for preventing damage to your walls, entryways, hallways, stairways, etc. Essentially, any place that sees a high amount of foot traffic in the home is at risk for taking damage from accidental bumps, knocks, and brush ups.

Consider that it is much easier to replace a panel should something happen than to fix a wall that has been badly damaged. This is also one of the reasons why genuine wainscoting such as that we provide—genuine meaning traditionally milled and custom fit to your space, is superior to faux-wainscot. It features the superior construction strength to be both beautiful and durable—something an investment to your home SHOULD be.

Wainscoting Brings Visual Joy to Your Home

Another reason wainscoting has endured for hundreds of years is that it simply provides visual and aesthetic joy. There are many visual trends that have gone in and out of style, but wainscoting remains a staple of home design because it adheres to some very basic and perpetually true visual principles.

Having a large, blank wall can create visual monotony. That is why paintings and other wall decorations are often used, because they break up the space in a meaningful way. Wainscoting does this with simple elegance. With genuine wainscoting, you can provide a decorative element all along the wall that creates beautiful lines which you can work off of. The horizontal lines created by wainscot can be further used to accentuate other well decorations you may have, creating symmetry.

Genuine Wainscoting for the Home

At Wainscot Solutions, we proudly provide authentic paneled wainscoting in multiple panel profiles as well as styles. We strongly believe in the integrity of our product as everything is custom made and traditionally milled for your needs. This results in a durable, tailor-made solution for your home.

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