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Practical, beautiful, durable, wainscoting has been a part of our homes for generations. If you want to install wainscoting or thinking about whether authentic paneled wainscoting would make a good addition to your rooms, considering the following.

It Introduces Visual Joy

Simply put, wainscoting provides a visual, aesthetic joy to any room where it is introduced. Other trends have risen and fallen, but wainscoting has endured by clinging on to a few simple, yet eternal, visual ideas.

A large, blank wall in your home can feel monotonous. It’s why we hang paintings and other decorations, because they break up the visual space. The same thing applies to wainscoting.

When installed correctly, it provides a decorative element along your walls that create beautiful lines, serving as the foundation of other decorations.

It’s More Than Just Decorative

In addition to its role as a decoration, authentic paneled wainscoting also provides some practical benefits. For one thing, it can be helpful in protecting your walls, hallways, stairways, etc. against damage from people accidentally bumping into or brushing against them.

It will always be easier to replace a wainscoting panel than it will be to fix a damaged wall. This is one of the reasons why the genuine — i.e. traditionally-milled and custom-fit — wainscoting we provide is superior to imitation wainscoting.

Our wainscoting comes with superior construction strength that makes it durable and beautiful at the same time, exactly what you’d want from any sort of home improvement investment.

The Case for Custom Panel Wainscoting

Our culture is built around convenience, leading a lot of businesses to embrace fast turnaround and easy ways to install wainscoting.

There’s nothing wrong with an efficient, easy installation, but we think something has been lost in the transition. There was a time, 200-300 years ago, where wainscoting was close to an artform, something installed only by craftsmen who created custom millwork to a certain specification.

What is Custom Millwork?

Millwork is the opposite of casework, a term which refers to making things like boxes, cabinets and storage units, things that are uniformly produced and sold en masse, the type of thing you’d get from a large furniture retailer.

Millwork refers to items that are custom-made, like our authentic paneled wainscoting. We consider it to be among the most authentic in the industry because we adhere to the classic method of milling each piece individually and creating them according to specification.

Generic DIY wainscoting kits might seem like a reasonable option, but once you see hand-crafted custom wainscoting designed with your home in mind, you’ll know the difference.

Install Wainscoting from Wainscot Solutions

Does authentic, custom wainscoting seem like a good fit for your home? Wainscot Solutions is ready to help.

We can service all of your custom wainscoting needs, offering several different varieties of wainscoting and millwork services, from authentic raised panel and recessed wainscoting to coffered ceiling and columns, just to name a few.

Our carpentry team is particularly adept at assembling authentic raised panel wainscoting. Just pick out your panel profiles, rail heights and stile widths and we’ll mill them to match. Contact us today to get your questions answered or to begin your order.