modern wainscoting

There aren’t many industries where customers aren’t sure how to pronounce your product, but ready to order wainscoting is one of them.

Some people say “Wayne Scotting,” others pronounce it “Wayne’s coating.” Which one is right? Read on to get the answer to that and some other common questions about wainscoting.

How is “wainscoting” pronounced?

According to Merriam-Webster, both the pronunciations are correct, although the dictionary leans toward “Wayne’s coating.”

What does “wainscoting” mean?

As far as we know, wainscoting wasn’t invented by someone named “Wayne” or in a town called Wainscot, Illinois or anything like that.

Wainscoting is derived from the Middle Low German word wageschot, which means “wall board” and also waegenschotten, a Dutch word for a wooden wall covering.

What is it used for?

So what is wainscoting used for? Our ready to order wainscoting marries form and function, offering a stylish way to protect walls in heavily-trafficked areas such as:

  • Entryways — Wainscoting is a good choice for mudrooms, where muddy shoes and wet umbrellas could damage your walls.
  • Hallways and stairways — Use wainscoting to protect the walls of these narrow areas from scuff marks.
  • Dining areas — In kitchens and dining rooms, wainscoting can serve both decorative and protective purposes. For example, wainscoting capped at chair height can keep the wall from getting marked up when people push their chairs back.
  • Children’s bedrooms — There aren’t many kids who’d get excited that their parents found new ready to order wainscoting for their rooms, but you’ll appreciate having decor that can be easily cleaned.

More than just protection

Wainscoting isn’t just there to protect your walls from damage. It’s been an enduring design choice for centuries in part for its visual appeal.

Some trends come and go, but wainscoting keeps coming back because of a simple truth: we need something to break up visual monotony in our homes or where we work.

Think about how empty and lifeless a dwelling space can feel with nothing on its walls. Think about how your house started to feel like home once you’d begun to hang artwork.

Wainscoting does the same thing in a simple, yet elegant, fashion. You can provide a decorative element to your wall, while using wainscoting to further underline other decorative elements.

For example, many homeowners use their dining room to showcase their fine china. Wainscoting can compliment this decoration, adding a touch of sophistication.

Does your home have a large foyer or front hallway? It’s the first place new visitors to your home will see, and wainscoting can help you make a great first impression.

Ready-to-order wainscoting

There was a time where wainscoting was something you’d find only in the homes of the very wealthy. It was an example of custom made millwork, and thus not usually available to most people in centuries past.

But at Wainscot Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves this type of elegance and artistry in their homes.

We recognize that not everyhome was built at a time when these types of features were common, and want to help builders and homeowners add value to their properties without adding much in the way of cost.

We’ve created a method of developing stunning wainscoting designs that can be installed within hours and transform your rooms.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how ready to order wainscoting  — however you choose to pronounce it can both enhance and protect your rooms.