Taking on a new project? Remodels and renovations are always exciting endeavors, but as the project progresses, the stress can pile up. Make sure you’re ready for what’s to come to keep extra stress away. Follow these tips to not just survive a remodel, but to make it go as smoothly as possible:

  • Proper communication: This key to remodel success allows both clients and contractors to know if any obstacles come up and the status of the job. It also presents the opportunity for any changes to be made at the right time, air out any concerns, and to move on in the right direction. Keeping the channels of communication open greatly reduces frustration for everyone involved.
  • Preparing a plan and back up plan: Know exactly what is being done, sort out as many details as possible, and have all your questions answered. Always keep your plan and goals in mind. If anything seems to be straying from the course of action, refer back to your plans for guidance.
  • Don’t be caught off guard: Consider potential obstacles that are out of your control. Weather changes or poor conditions impact project timelines. Getting materials also takes time, and there’s potential for delay with products that are out of stock or have longer delivery times. Checking for these things will allow you to find replacement items or reschedule work days to stay on track.
  • Understand the Adjustments: Things will need to change during any big project, but remember that it isn’t permanent. Be ready to alter your daily routine to accommodate schedule disruptions. Being without a sink for a few days, or have to deal with extra noise will result in quality work in exchange. Keep reminding yourself of the beautiful upgrade you’ll be enjoying soon.
  • Get prepared and organized: Once you find out how you’ll need to adapt while a space is being worked on, get prepared. Important belongings and heavily used items should be moved into an area where there is full access to them. Plan routine and schedule changes if needed. Be sure to move the coffee maker or your bag/key drop-off so your mornings will be problem free.
  • Take a break: If you don’t think you can handle the impact on your daily routine, take a getaway. Schedule any visits with friends or relatives you’ve been meaning to make to give yourself a bit of an escape. Just make sure contractors can reach you with questions or updates!

Make the best of your remodel with quality products and peace of mind. We offer design services, drawings, and totally customizable products. Our wainscoting is easy to install, and is the perfect finishing touch on any project.

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