modern wainscoting

While its origin is rooted in practical use, modern wainscoting has remained relevant in our houses due to its aesthetic appeal. Over the years we’ve seen it used alongside a huge range of interior design styles, both traditional and contemporary. It always offers a unique way to give texture to a room, and can also to split the vertical space of walls.

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find inspiration for anything, considering how easy it is to simply look something up online and be rewarded with millions of results. What has become difficult is finding unique inspiration, rather than copycats, so it may require being a bit more tech-savvy. Here at Wainscot Solutions, we believe you should find the style you like and follow your ideas when it comes to interior design.

Here’s how you can find inspiration for wainscoting in your home, and inspiration for any other interior design feature you’re partial to.

Modern Wainscoting on Instagram

If you’re a visual person, then chances are you already use one of the most popular picture apps in our modern age: Instagram. While many were dubious at the platform encouraging people to take photos of their food, Instagram has grown since then to become one of the best places to glean visual inspiration for wainscoting in your home.

There are a couple of ways you can use Instagram to find wainscoting inspiration, through hashtags and follows.


Made popular in recent years by consolidating all media related to a trend, hashtags are a great way to keep up with the latest and greatest aspects of anything. When it comes to wainscoting, several hashtags may be relevant.

#wainscoting – this will give you an overall view of how wainscoting is being used by other people, both in traditional and modern settings.

#raisedpanelwainscoting – being specific about the type of wainscoting you like, e.g. raised panel wainscoting, can help you find more specific examples.

#homedecor – interior design comes by many names, and following them can help you gain wainscoting inspiration as well as other aspects

#wainscotingmalayisa – wainscoting seems to be particularly popular in Malaysia, where one can see Oriental styles mixed with Western

#interiordesign – it never hurts to expose yourself to the trending styles in modern interior design


Where hashtags give us an overview, following individuals or companies allows us more specific insight into interior design and the use of wainscoting.

@dabito – if you like raised panel wainscoting then chances are you like a mix of the old with the new, Dabito does this masterfully with a splash of color which gives life to the interiors he designs.

@francis_sultana – one of the world’s best interior designers, Francis has an eye for furniture, which will help you decorate around your wainscoting.

@boldandgolddecor – Priscilla of Bold and Gold Decor is a master of making extravagant interior design seem easy, and shares plenty of gorgeous inspiration for those who like the bold and gold aesthetic.


If you like the media side of Instagram, but not so much the social, then Pinterest may be a better bet. It works completely differently from Instagram, instead, it acts more like a scrapbook or a mood board. Simply sign up and start creating your own collections from other people’s pins.

What to Look Up

Similar to the hashtags used to find things on Instagram, Pinterest relies on keywords to help find the content you’re looking for. Be sure to search for everything wainscoting-related you may be interested in: wainscoting, raised panel wainscoting, modern wainscoting, traditional wainscoting, etc.

By searching on Pinterest, the website will remember and continue to show you the wainscoting content you like. You should also start a few pinboards to save those ideas you like, so Pinterest can further refine your home feed.

Who to Follow

As with Instagram, there are accounts on Pinterest which may be worth following for further inspiration for wainscoting in your home. To find them, simply click through your favorite pins to see who posted them. By following their account, you may be exposed to further inspiration. Although, if you’re only interested in their interior design ideas, be sure to only follow those boards.

Getting Ideas For Modern Wainscoting In Your Home

Instagram and Pinterest aren’t the only places you’ll find wainscoting inspiration online. Several of our staff here at Wainscot Solutions will scour various media sources for videos of interior design styles, particularly those with wainscoting in your home. The internet truly has made it easier than ever to find inspiration, so don’t be afraid to start looking and planning your dream interior.

For all your wainscoting needs, look no further than Wainscot Solutions. We utilize high-quality materials to custom-build wainscoting to your exact specifications and install it professionally ourselves. Check out our website or call us today for more information.