Authentic wainscoting quality over faux wainscoting quality concept photo

Wainscoting is a wonderful way to protect your walls and decorate your home. It comes in a variety of styles and looks that offer a tremendous amount of diversity for anyone looking to elevate the style (and value) of their home. Many people consider wainscoting a catch-all term for the many different and popular stylings of wood wall paneling. One of the biggest questions homeowners have, when they decide to get wainscoting, is whether they should get authentic wainscoting or faux wainscoting.

Should You Get Faux Wainscoting?

Due to social media sites such as Instagram or Pinterest that allow a proliferation of images and ideas, many people have been exposed to a great diversity of home design ideas than ever was possible 20 years ago. Additionally, the popularity of home decoration or DIY networks on television have left many people several options to consider when it comes to adorning their walls as well as the rest of their home.

Wainscoting is one of those highly desirable choices. However, Many thrifty people question if professional installation is worth it or if it is even worth it to get “authentic” paneled wainscoting. There are many companies or websites that offer DIY solutions like HGTV and DIY Network. Want wainscoting? Order the kit, assemble a superficial molding to fasten to the wall, and voila! You’re done.

However, we are not fans of this method. While we are happy that there is such a booming interest in getting wainscoting installed in your home, we think that authentic paneled wainscoting offers benefits that are worth the extra cost.

Why You Should Get Authentic Paneled Wainscoting

Authentic paneled wainscoting, on the other hand, is worth getting over faux wainscoting because of the integrity of the construction. When it comes to renovating your home in other aspects, you wouldn’t go cheap on cabinets that hold expensive glassware, would you? People certainly do not skimp on renovating their floors or renewing the siding on their homes.


Because the quality and longevity of those changes nearly pay for themselves if you ever sell the home. Even if you did not wish to sell the home, these renovations improve the look of your home for years to come.

Getting authentic wainscoting installed is no different. With Wainscot Solutions, our wainscoting follows the tradition of the craftsmen of yore that created wonderful wainscoting for old estates, manors, and mansions hundreds of years ago. That work was done completely custom by the finest carpenters and it shows. The work in those mansions, with care, have survived for hundreds of years.

The work we do is traditionally milled in a way that is not possible with kits or on-site assembly. Tongue and groove sockets, hidden pocket screws and glued assembly are how our boards are put together. Tongue and groove sockets are notable for their extremely tight, custom fitting which not only looks incredible but also creates a seal that can help lock out moisture.

Authentic Wainscoting for Your Home

Wainscot Solutions is proud to create a fully custom product that can be delivered to you or installed for you if you are located in our geographic region.

Contact us today if you have any questions about ordering, creating your own custom design, or any other inquiries you may have. We hope to hear from you soon!