Our hand-crafted, custom wainscoting is the most authentic available in the industry.

Why you ask?

Back at the turn of the last century, if you were building a home, not only would there be wainscoting in every room, but a crew of highly skilled craftsmen would have to build it for you. They would mill all the separate components, stiles, rails, and panels with a type of joinery commonly known as “cope and stick” paneled wainscoting and then assemble them with a panel that is actually raised or recessed from the surface of the stiles and rails; hence the term “raised panel wainscoting” and “recessed panel wainscoting.”

Well that’s the way we do it. We’re here to preserve that classic style of architecture and craftsmanship. Every piece is carefully milled and assembled to create a truly authentic product. All classic wainscoting is ¾” or 1″ thick. With multiple profiles available for the stiles and rails as well as the raised panel profile.

Where do you install paneled wainscoting?

Raised Paneled Wainscoting Gallery

Recessed Paneled Wainscoting Gallery